Education technology

Education technology involves the use of technology to create a personalized learning environment with improved student interaction and improved results. It facilitates learning by creating and using technological tools and processes.

Education technology is a broad spectrum, from the use of physical hardware to education theories; it is a field created to improve performance. It also encompasses computer studies, online learning and learning through the mobile phone. Educational technology is not necessarily high-tech but rather any tool or machine that helps classroom learning, improves performance and aids in the utilization of face to face learning, online learning and interactive sessions can be useful in education technology.

An educational technologist has the required expertise in the field of educational technology. The technologist in this field helps in analyzing, designing and developing tools to improve learning. Educational technology is a significant part of society today. It encompasses e-learning, instructional technology, information and communication technology in education and many other fields and thus its impact cannot be downplayed.

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