How to choose winning essay topics

Sometimes it is easier to have a topic given to you to write about than having to choose your own theme. When choosing your own topic, sometimes we choose subjects that are only worth one paragraph or ones that can’t be explained in hundreds of pages. Choosing the right theme is thus essential in determining the success of your essay. This article will, however, give several tips and guidelines on how to pick winning essay topics.

While choosing a topic for a persuasive essay, one should make sure that they select a topic that they are passionate about and one that excites them.  Also, one should be able to see the matter in different perspectives to make sure that the paper is neither biased nor one-dimensional and to make sure that they have covered all areas that can be refuted. Most importantly, one should write to persuade as that’s the purpose of a persuasive essay.

When choosing an essay topic, one should also choose a topic that they fully understand to explain the concept they are writing about well from start to end. The theme should also be specific and not too general that it would become hard to write. Besides, one must make sure they have reliable sources where they can gather information.

When writing a compare and contrast essay, one should make sure that the topic they choose has glaring differences and similarities that are not so hard to see. The comparisons should also be exciting and not dull. The theme must also be central in a compare and contrast essay so as not to
have such a broad scope on the matter.

When writing a descriptive essay, one should make sure that they are in line with the goal of such essays which is to tell a story. One should choose a theme which shows how such an event


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