How to write a compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay is an academic paper which is used to show the similarities and the differences between two or more subjects. These type of essays help students develop analytical and evaluation skills needed for the everyday life of a student.

A good compare and contrast essay must be specific to a particular matter which will be compared and contrasted, and the significance and consequences of the analysis well put forth. Unless given a particular topic one is usually free to choose any item to compare and contrast. If
so, it is advisable to select a topic that one is passionate about to avoid dull or uninviting work.

When writing a contrast and compare essay, one must tie the similarities and the differences to a specific theme. A compare and contrast essay outline can take two primary methods. The two are the block structure and the point by point method. These two methods are the easiest to use and help in organising and giving flow to your essay.

Finally, one must conclude their essay. The conclusion is mainly a summary of what is discussed in the body and helps the reader get a clear understanding of what they just read. It is in the conclusion that one weighs the similarities and the differences and gives their verdict to the

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