How to write a rhetorical analysis essay

Writing a rhetorical analysis essay is never an easy task especially if you are doing it for the very first time. However, with the necessary knowledge on how to do it by following set out guidelines, tricks and tips, the writing becomes more comfortable and faster.

A rhetorical analysis paper seeks to prove the critical thinking and reading skills of the writer to analyse and write text on the subject matter. The main aim of a rhetorical analysis essay is to find out what is implied by a particular text rather than what is just seen in plain text. Therefore, a
rhetorical analysis essay should identify the author’s writing style and point of view. The author’s words and phrases must be well analyzed, and their effect on readers’ well brought out.

The first step in writing a rhetorical analysis essay is to read and analyse the required material. As you read, one must take notes that will help you in the analysis process. One must gain the trust of the reader and show them that they have understood the text. The way to do this is first to
write a short but detailed summary of the text. It must answer several questions such as who is the author, what is their target audience, the purpose of the text and its context.

This summary gives the reader perspective. One must also do a critical analysis of the text. One must analyse the author’s style of writing
such as persuasion skills, tone and setting. One must then examine why the author used such a technique of writing for a particular audience.
Writing a rhetorical analysis paper takes the introduction, body and conclusion format. In the introductory part is where you summarise the text to be analysed.

After that, one can include a thesis statement in the introduction. The body will form the most significant part of the essay, and this is where one fully supports their thesis. Lastly, the conclusion must be a summary of
what you have elaborated in the whole paper and its impact on the audience.

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