How to write cause and effect essay

A cause and effect essay is an academic paper that deals with why certain things happen and what are the consequences of such an action. For example, if it’s a cause and effect essay on the issue of pollution, the cause will be things such as industrialization and the effect will be such as
global warming. A cause and effect paper outline can take two primary methods. These are the block and the chain structure.

The block structure first outlines the causes, and the effects come later. In the chain structure, each cause will be followed by its subsequent effect. One can use the block structure while trying to organise their work in a less detailed manner while the chain structure is used where each cause needs to be related to a specific effect. You must have a transition paragraph if you use the block structure.

The essay must have an introductory paragraph that tells the reader about the cause and effect essay you are about to write about and a strong thesis statement. In writing the introduction, one must understand the difference between cause and effect and bring them out as clearly as possible. At times, one cause has multiple effects, and thus there is a need to bring this out.

After that, the body can follow, and you can develop either the block or chain structure method. It is in the body that one supports their thesis statement. One can arrange their ideas in a chronological order from the most relevant cause and effect to the least pertinent using either the
block or chain structure. One must also use transitional phrases to flow from cause and effect smoothly.

The essay must finally have a conclusion where you summarise what is written in the article and also to back up the thesis statement strongly. The conclusion is important because it enables the reader to get a clear understanding of what they just read.

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