What is a thesis statement and its importance?

A thesis statement is one of the essential things in the writing of an essay. A thesis statement brings out the subject matter of the article and is a guideline to the writing of the whole piece. The thesis statement summarises the purpose of the essay and why it is worth reading. A strong
thesis makes the paper adequate and gives it direction and purpose.

To write a thesis statement, one must determine what type of paper you are writing. An analytical essay, a cause and effect essay, an expository essay and an argumentative essay all serve different purposes, and thus there is need to determine what type of paper you are writing
before writing a thesis statement.

A good thesis statement should be specific and not general. Only what will be discussed in the paper should be included in the thesis statement and effort should be made to make sure that the body captures specific evidence to support the thesis. It should thus tell us something about the

A thesis statement should be clear and not ambiguous. A reader should not have any difficulty finding the thesis statement or trying to understand its meaning. It is for this reason that the thesis statement comes as the last statement of the first paragraph which is usually the introduction

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